…And That Business is Show Business.

Greetings Cinephiles! You most likely have chosen to read this blog because you love movies and for better or worse you enjoy ranting and raving about them. As luck would have it, that’s why we are here too. For the foreseeable future, and hopefully beyond, my partner Ryan and myself will be critiquing weekly about the latest films to hit theaters, in addition to the oldies but goodies we can’t seem to forget. But if you’re thinking there will be a cutesy thumbs-up sign or a gold star sticker score that will wrap up our thoughts for you in a nice bow, we hate to disappoint you. We’re not here to tell you which movies to see and why, we’re here to add to both the popular and academic conversations about filmmaking. So when we post we want to hear from YOU, our intelligent and film savvy readers, even if you disagree with us (but be nice and constructive about it please, because mean people suck).

We hope you’ll join us for the ride!

Jill & Ryan


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