Summer 2010: Tops and Flops

I’ll be forthright here: Summer is my movie season. I can appreciate a good character drama at least as much as the next person if not more, but I always look forward to summer. I like my movies on an epic scale: bombastic, flashy, and loud. I even saw Transformers twice last year. So how does 2010 stack up?*

The short version is that the highs were very high, and the lows very low. I had one of the best moviegoing experiences of my life, and also the most disappointing movie I have seen theatrically since Spider-Man 3. So let’s rewind back to before Memorial Day and look at the tops and flops, with the flops first.


Iron Man 2 Stumbles I love the first Iron Man. It was THE summer movie of 2008 for me. I love that movie from top to bottom. While this movie was more of everything, it didn’t have as much of the charm and outright fun that the first had.

Comic book Movies We love Scott Pilgrim and all, but I’m a huge comics fan and didn’t even bother to see Jonah Hex or The Losers. It says a lot more of the quality of the films than the quality of the comics.

3D I saw one movie in 3D this summer. It was Toy Story 3, and even then I wasn’t impressed. Here’s hoping this trend continues…

Jerry Bruckheimer I nor anyone I know saw Prince of Persia or Sorcerer’s Apprentice. And I like Bruckheimer!

The 1980s Karate Kid. The A-Team. Expendables. MacGruber. All of these movies I was highly interested in until they actually came out. Let’s hope Tron: Legacy breaks this trend.

The Last Airbender I keep trying to forget this even happened. This was Spider-Man 3 levels of disappointment (Jill speaking: There are no words to express how terrible this movie was. I’m still rooting for Shyamalan, because unlike a lot of filmmakers in Hollywood, he at least writes good, original material from time to time. But he has a long way to go to save his good name).


Robin Hood I still love this movie. Epic from top to bottom. It does everything right, and one of the few films I’ve seen recently that has me yearning for a sequel.

P. Diddy made Get Him to the Greek the best summer comedy.

Toy Story 3 Best threequel ever? I think so. Also, Pixar’s almost flawless record continues.

Eclipse. A decently watchable Twilight movie? Scarier than how much I enjoyed Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, which I think I talked about for two weeks straight.

Despicable Me Not only do I love kids’ movies that are wacky and smart, but I’m always glad when we get a new animation studio on the scene.

Inception. Typing the title only reminds me how much I want to see this a second time.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World = love. Read my review. Or Jill’s. Or better yet, read both.

And look for our fall movie preview next week sometime!

*Not caring about box office here, this is just what I liked.