Oscar Night Menu 2011

Last year, for our first Oscar’s together, we toyed with the idea of having a themed meal, but gave up because there really wasn’t anything that stood out, and 10 Best Picture nominees was intimidating (we’re also just kinda lazy sometimes). This year we decided to rise to the challenge, using the films as a jumping off point, or at least using the titles of the nominees to make puns (because we’re just that cool) and came up with a very rich and homey dinner menu, but since this is only a dinner for two, we didn’t go too crazy. Where appropriate, links are provided for recipes if you want to borrow any of our ideas!

We’ll begin with a tribute to Toy Story 3, a movie in which our favorite characters are thrust into new environments: Andy is off to college, and the toys are off to daycare. And food is something that these two places probably have a lot in common. I know in college we actually used to make preschool favorite Ants on a Log, which are stalks of celery with peanut butter in the “u” and raisins on top. We’ll probably also pair it with some crackers and cheese during the broadcast.

Our main dish is going to be a cheeky pun on the Best Picture frontrunner, Chicken a la King’s Speech. We’ll be serving it over royal biscuits. Neither of us have ever had this before, but it seems pretty straightforward. As a side, we’ll be serving True Grits, a savory variation including corn and green onions.

The drink selection during dinner is the ever popular classic, Guinness Extra Stout, for the extra stout welterweight “Irish” Micky Ward from The Fighter. After dinner, we’ll be drinking Appletinis, straight from dinner with Sean Parker in The Social Network. Interesting anecdote: Mark Zuckerberg himself had never had an Appletini prior to seeing The Social Network. Inspired by the film, they are now the “official” drink of Facebook parties.

Our dessert selection is something that will beg you to explore deeper layers to get the full flavor profile! That’s right, an “Orange Dream Parfait,” inspired by Inception. We’ll be using yogurt as a base, and layering granola, chocolate, and clementine slices.

So to recap:

Ants on a Log & Cheese and Crackers (Toy Story 3)

Chicken a la King’s Speech and True Grits

Guinness Extra Stout (The Fighter)
Appletinis (The Social Network)

Orange Dream Parfait (Inception)

I’m actually surprised we were able to incorporate six of the ten nominees without planning a meal with more than three courses!

If you are looking to favor one of the nominees in your menu selections for Sunday, Epicurious has a nice list of full menus inspired by each of the ten nominated films.


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