FilmHash List: Who Should Host the Oscars?

Now that the Oscars have passed, it’s of course never to early to think a year ahead about who we want delivering Bruce Vilanch’s jokes next year. So Academy, now that I have your attention, here are my top picks for who should host next year:

Tina Fey/Steve Carell:
A pairing so obvious I am shocked it didn’t happen this year. From the movie Date Night last year to this year’s Golden Globes, these tho obviously have charisma with each other, and not only have the comedic chops for hosting, but can also write their own material, something I suspect the Academy could really use.

Robert Downey, Jr.
RDJ is a very funny man, with a dry wit and self-depcricating. Also, the Hollywood crowd loves him. With a good writing team, he would be a great host, if he’s willing to do it.

Jane Lynch
While I no longer consider myself a Glee fan, I recognize that show’s current popularity can be leveraged to get one of our greatest living comediennes to host the Oscars. From Party Down to Christopher Guest films, Lynch can deliver many types of comedy well, and has great stage presence.

Joel McHale
The star of my favorite TV comedy, Community, as well as The Soup!, he has a great presence, and isn’t afraid to speak comedically to the Hollywood bigshots in the crowd. Here’s his thoughts on this year’s show, and what it was like to host the Spirit Awards (the indie Oscars).

Justin Timberlake
The Man Who Can Do Anything, including making über-nerd Sean Parker look cool, would be a great choice, especially with some backup by Andy Samberg. A mix between J-Tims cool and SNL leanings could make for a really fun show.

Who would you like to see host next year’s big awards?