The Greatest Pixar Scenes

Katey Rich of Cinemablend tweeted over the weekend asking if there was any scene in the Pixar filmography better than Wall-E and Eve dancing. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of the opening sequence in Up, showing us Carl and Ellie’s life together.

This is truly a breathtaking scene, and I can’t think of many others that cause such an intense emotional response from only knowing the characters for a few minutes. This one scene tells a complete story (in fact, it can stand a part as it’s own short film), a story that is both joyous and hopeful as well as heartbreaking and tragic.

In some ways, I agree with Katey that watching Wall-E and Eve dance is the highest high, while scenes in the Up opening and the trash compactor from Toy Story 3 leave me a wreck. However, the end of Toy Story 3 incites the strongest reaction in all of Pixar. Watching Andy leave his toys to Bonnie is the most intense feeling of bittersweetness I have ever experienced, film or not. The realization and transition of lives leaves me mixing tears of sadness and joy. I can admit that. – Ryan


As I read Katey’s article I began thinking back to all the Pixar films I have seen (most of them) and trying to pick one scene that resonated with me without picking an entire film. It’s a difficult task to be sure. I am not usually a crier when it comes to films, but I did cry at the end of Toy Story 3. Such a scene would affect me, as I remember having to make a choice: bringing my beloved Bear to college or leaving him at home. I think the choice is a little easier for women, as the stigma of owning stuffed animals is not nearly as high as it is for men. I brought him with me, and was happy to find my roommates had their own collection of furry friends.

ANYWAY,  because I promised Ryan we wouldn’t talk about the same Pixar scene, I have selected another that I found to be just as moving and oozing with adorable cuddly goodness. It’s a scene in WALL-E , where we visit WALL-E’s home for the first time, and he turns on his tape of Hello, Dolly! The audience watches him dance and sing along, but then we see WALL-E react to the characters, a man and woman, holding hands. He clasps his two hands together in response. It gets me every time. Maybe it’s because we know that for the time being, WALL-E is alone in the world, fiercely devoted to his work, sole caregiver to his delightful insect friend,  and deserves a true companion. Sigh. Don’t we all? – Jill


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  1. Oh well. I was going to write about the beginning of Up. But I don’t know what else can be said about that perfect of a scene.

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