From the List of Shame File #4: Harvey

While we have seen many films, there are many films that are held in high regard that we haven’t seen yet. As we cross them off our List of Shame, we’ll write about them here!

Why I Missed It: Originally released in 1950.

Why I finally decided to watch it: It’s on Netflix Instant!

As many of our readers know, we both suffer a lot of ‘blind spots,’ in the films we haven’t seen, especially with those made prior to 1980 or so. Harvey definitely falls into that category. From the first time I heard of the film, I was intrigued by the combination of the film’s premise, a man with an invisible best friend, and the star power of Jimmy Stewart.

For those that don’t know, Harvey is the story of a man, Elwood P. Dowd (Stewart), and his best friend Harvey, an invisible giant rabbit. I was expecting a fun farce, involving misunderstandings and confusion based on Stewart’s interactions with his friends and family. And on that, Harvey delivers 100%. This is a film with a dry sense of humor, and an understated style of comedy, which definitely works in the film’s favor, as it’s fun to catch jokes that almost slip past.
What makes Harvey great, though, it that it is so much more. All of the performances in this movie are great, but Jimmy Stewart is amazing. The more films (and the different genres) I see him in, the more of a fan I become. And his performance in this movie is top notch, with Stewart selling the character of Harvey and making it look effortless. This film also has a message as to how society treats those perceived as mentally ill, and Stewarts unbridled optimism carries everything well.
Harvey is simply a joy of a film.
Worth it? Absolutely! Watch it now!