Quick Take: New Best Picture Rules (Again!)

We here at Filmhash are huge Oscar buffs, so we wanted to share our quick reaction to the Oscars news.

As Cinemablend reports, the Academy has made it so there could be anywhere from 5 to 10 films nominated for Best Picture:

The new selection method will work as follows: when the list of eligible films are sent out to voters, only those with at least 5% of first place votes will be included as nominees for the award. While the release doesn’t mention the possibility, one can assume that five is the minimum number of nominees, meaning that even if only four films get 5% of the first place votes, the film with the highest number of votes without reaching 5% will still be included.

It’s a strange move, as we enjoyed having a big group of nominees. Overall, though, it’s kind of sad that even the Academy thinks there may not be 10 films in a year worth the distinction, but this change will have even less impact on who the winner will be than the expansion to 10.


2 thoughts on “Quick Take: New Best Picture Rules (Again!)

  1. Regardless of how many Best Picture nominees there are, the real contenders are the films also nominated for Best Director. I don’t see how this really affects anything.

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