Muppet Mania

I can’t say I’m exactly thrilled with the upcoming Muppet’s movie, but I suppose there are worse things to bring back to the big screen (like The Smurfs). And honestly, this film looks like it could actually be pretty awesome. I had the opportunity yesterday to view a few trailers of the film on iTunes and each one is better than the last. They’re cute, creative, and they manage to leave a lot of mystery surrounding the plot of the film.

I’m a huge fan of Jason Segel and Amy Adams, and while I don’t feel the desire to necessarily return to this part of my childhood (not just yet anyway, I feel old enough as it is), I’m glad the film is in good and capable hands. And yes, we will most likely see it. Below, I’ve included some links to interviews with both Segel and Adams (from our friends at slashfilm), and most importantly, the iTune trailers. Enjoy!

Interview with Jason Segel on set

Interview with Amy Adams on set

iTunes trailers


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