Pixar: Past and Future

First I want to say that we did not see Cars 2, in part because the first film is the only Pixar venture where boredom crept in, and because the reviews are not great. However, I am always looking ahead, and Pixar’s 2012 effort, Brave, looks astounding and exciting, and the animation style looks like no other Pixar film to date. It also has a female lead, a Pixar first!

The teaser trailer plays in front of Cars 2, but it’s also on YouTube here. I recommend watching it on the biggest screen available. The teaser poster is also at the end of this post.

I also recommend watching this interview with Steve Jobs and John Lasseter (director of Toy Story, Cars, etc.) on Charlie Rose from 1996, just as Toy Story was about to be released on VHS. It’s a fascinating look at the original vision for the company, and also a nice perspective on the last 15 years.

Brave poster: