Dark Knight: A Teaser Rising

The internet exploded today, as the official version of The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer hit. We saw it (twice) over the weekend in front of the final Harry Potter film*, and so now I want to share some thoughts on the first trailer for the final Christopher Nolan Batman film.

Here is the trailer (in HD, I think):

I previously talked about the villains in the film, Catwoman and Bane, when they were announced, but we only see Tom Hardy’s Bane in the footage above. He’s certainly less recognizable than Catwoman (played by Anne Hathaway), both the actor and the character, so it is kind of interesting to see him featured so prominently in the marketing so far.

Some (like Dave Chen) are complaining that the trailer is underwhelming, and others are seemingly angered by the use of footage from the previous two films, comparing them to fan made trailers that populate Youtube. Frankly, this is a ridiculous claim, because it’s a teaser for a movie that’s still filming.

It’s interesting that they are really pushing this as the third part of a trilogy, as I think sometimes people underestimate how good Batman Begins is. Liam Neeson’s Ra’s al Ghul from that film provides the voiceover at the beginning.

Then, in the biggest revelation in the trailer, we see Gary Oldman’s Commissioner Gordon in a hospital bed, and obviously very sick or wounded. He is begging for Batman to return, which seems to indicate things have progressed since the end of the previous film. We also get some brief shots of Bane and Batman squaring off.

Because this is the last of Nolan’s films, they are really ramping up that angle, and billing it as the conclusion to the Dark Knight legend (who’s looking forward to the Summer 2015 Batman reboot?). This, combined with the crumbling buildings in the poster (Note, I do not agree with the analysis at the io9 link), seems to indicate that Gotham is crumbling, as opposed to The Dark Knight poster, which saw a flaming bat-symbol in a building. That represented The Joker’s desire to blow things up, as the theme there was escalation. Is it corruption this time around? An earthquake?

We shall see, but this teaser does exactly what it’s supposed to do: get me excited for next summer!

The coolest thing today: Nolan’s Batman films have been remarkably consistent, which resulted in this epic mashup:

*This might have given Green Lantern a much-needed boost, but oh well, WB.


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