New Blog Series: Film Poster Review

Okay, this idea wasn’t completely my own, but I have no qualms about adopting it as my own. Since we are trying to create a more “professional” looking logo for the Filmhash site, I have been frequenting some design/font websites for inspiration. I stumbled across this pretty cool blog post that reviews film posters: the choice of font, the positioning of images, and how everything comes together in an attempt to whet audience appetites for a particular film.

Ryan and I frequently discuss film posters when new movies are released, so I’m rather surprised we didn’t think of this before. So every Tuesday, we intend on critiquing recent, and classic posters using such criteria as font choice, image placement and design, and whether or not we think the poster is an overall marketing success. Although film is at its core an art form, one would be remiss to exclude the importance of marketing to a film’s success (sadly), and that doesn’t just include summer blockbusters but indie films as well.

And as always, we want to hear from you! Submit your favorite film poster (you know, the one framed in your room for all to see) to and tell us what you think makes it special!