Rehash: This Week in Film News

Every week we attempt to rehash the top news stories (in our opinion) in the film industry. Can’t wait for Friday? Follow us on twitter (@filmhash) for more news and ramblings throughout the week! 

Hollywood doesn’t seem to be finished with Tolkien just yet: in addition to The Hobbit, word is the controversial novel Mirkwood by Steve Hillard, may also be adapted for the silver screen. The novel presents itself as a story about J.R.R Tolkien and his Lord of the Rings epic just with different characters and names. Also something about being in America and encountering elvish magic? Sounds bizarre, and supposedly the Tolkien Estate is less than thrilled. Read more here.

 Talks about a Blade Runner remake seem definite as ever with the announcement that the original director Ridley Scott will be returning to the project. Opinions vary about whether a) a remake is needed, and b) Ridley Scott is the right man for the job. Harrison Ford will most likely not return. Read more here.

With summer coming to an end everyone is gearing up for awards season. Word is Woody Allen’s wildly popular Midnight in Paris will undergo a wider release this fall (Oscar push anyone?). We’re not complaining!

Just in case you didn’t feel old enough, Pixar turned 25 years old this week. The animation studio has singlehandedly changed animation in America and audiences couldn’t be more grateful. However, looking back on Pixar’s stellar career has made some question their recent “failure” with Cars 2, and whether or not it will signal a decline in original quality films. We’re not sweating it though- Brave in 2012! Read more here.

The much anticipated Lone Ranger remake starring Johnny Depp and produced by the team behind the first Pirates of the Caribbean film has been cancelled for the time being. Concerns over the ballooning budget for the film have studio execs worried. Read more here.

Trailer of the week: Daniel Radcliffe in The Woman in Black. Watch it here.