Rehash: Oscars, Green Lantern, Raiders, Voldemort

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Comics artist Stuart Immonen and his wife Kathryn bring you the first installment of Voldemort’s One Hour Service:

Movieline posted their first Oscar race analysis! It’s on!

Dan Meth made a great video compilation about the Twin Towers’ appearance in films.

Parks and Recreation Showrunner Michael Schur gives a master class on his favorite comedy, Cheers.

The Art of the Title looks at the retro propaganda Captain America credits.

Charlie Jane Anders at ion wrote a great piece on adapting source material, specifically focused on the success of Iron Man and the failure of Green Lantern. Here’s an excerpt:

The lesson of Green Lantern is, pandering to vocal fans of a property almost never pays off. And taking liberties often does. Look at J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, which outraged a huge segment of old-school Trek fans and yet managed to tell a strong story that delighted audiences everywhere. Look at Russell T. Davies’ Doctor Who relaunch, which did away with the Time Lords and recast the Doctor as a scarred war veteran. And yeah, look at Iron Man.

The fans will go see the movie anyway — even if they complain bitterly afterwards. Pulling in the mass audience, though, requires taking some risks with the material and crafting something that is going to look character-focused and fun to a casual watcher. And this is doubly true with a property like Green Lantern, which has almost no popular recognition.

Read the whole article here.

Netflix pricing changes went into effect on September 1st. Read the details!

George Lucas continues his quest for the perfect Star Wars Trilogy, little does he know he already made it 30+ years ago. It was confirmed this week that the latest Blu-ray edition will feature loads of new additions including Jawas that blink (because that’s crucial), and even new dialogue. There’s no shortage of coverage for this news but here’s one article to get you started. I also rant about it here.

The Coen brothers continue to make movie magic with the announcement of their latest project about the 1960s folk music scene in Greewich Village.

Lastly, Cinedelphia takes a look back at TLA Video in Philadelphia, a video rental store chain that will be closing its doors after almost thirty years in the area. Coverage includes personal memories from former and current employees, and the legacy that video rental stores leave behind.

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